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Documents Required for importing non-medicated feed additives for experiments, horse and stable livestock projects
Required Documents Experiments Horse Stable Livestock projects
The applicant must Submit a letter asking for import permit from SFDA v v v
Mention to: Producer company, exporter company and their country and arrival Border v v v
Mention the name of manufacturer, exporter, their countries & arrival port. v v v
The applicant must submit a written pledge not to sale or circulate the imported product in the market with taking full responsibility in the event of a problem due to product use. v v v
Attach the product Product label to match the scientific name. v v v
Import requests must be submitted to SFDA at least 2 weeks before consignment arrival & SFDA shall reject any request for consignment already exist in the port except with accepted reason. v v v
Import permit is allowed only for product previously registered in the Ministry of Agriculture or currently submitted files to SFDA v X X
Free sale certificate should be v v v
Certificate of origin should be attached v v v
A commercial invoice should be attached v v v
Certificate of analysis for the product batch should be attached v v v
Letter from the Equestrian Club indicate that the stable is recorded there. X v X
Submit an experimental design explaining the aim of the experiment & how to carry it. X X v
A pledge from the applicant to submit a copy of the experiment results to SFDA X X v

Required Documents for issuing health certificate for feed product?
1. Attach the export permit issued previously by SFDA for the produt Attach all original copy of exporting permission request.
2. Submit a request letter for health certificate explaining the required information supported with certificate of analysis in accordance with the required information in the health certificate
3. Attach a certificate of analysis with the result of the needed test

Documents required for issuing an export permit for non-medicated feed additives:
1. The applicant should apply for export permit from SFDA.
2. Mention to:
   • Name of manufacturer & its nationality.
   • Name of exporter & nationality.
   • Exporting Border port.
   • Scientific and Trade name.
   • delete Package Size and quantity .
3. Certificate of Origin for Saudi product from Chamber of Commerce.
4. Attach original commerce invoice.
5. Attach analysis For the same product batch.

Warehouse license renewal requirements?
1. Applicant should submit a letter of request for Directorate of Agriculture in the same districts asking for renewing license for feed additive warehouse and send the file to SFDA.
2. After file reviewing SFDA will send their inspectors to visit the warehouse.
3. Applicant will be approved in case of compliance if not given more time to complete the requirements.
4. Approving and issuing new warehouse From SFDA.

What are the requirements to registering non-medicated feed additives are not licensed before from SFDA or Ministry of Agriculture?
All non registered non-medicated feed additive files will kept in SFDA until animal feed national registry get ready.

What are the requirements for renewing expired import permit?
1. Applicant should submit a request letter asking for renewing import permit explaining the reason.
2. Attach all original documents include export/import permission letter form SFDA